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Reflecting on Fragile Remnants

An award-winning personal documentary film that touches on a grave social-ill.

The piece touches on my own experience with sexual assault and uses poetry and moving images to tell a dark tale.

Fragile Remnants was finished on April 10, 2022.

It first premiered at Studio C in Okemos, Michigan on April 20, 2022.

Fragile Remnants received an Award of Excellence from the 2023 BEA Festival of Media Arts for the student micro-documentary category. It also received a nomination for Best Director in the NATAS Michigan Chapter’s 2023 Student Production Awards. In February 2023, it was showcased in a festival for the first time at the Central Michigan International Film Festival.

It is expected to play in more film festivals.

It has been one year since the film was released, and I never expected to receive support, hugs and the recognition that I was given. This was a chance to tell my story– that’s what it was when I set out, everything that has followed has reminded me that I never really was alone.

If I’ve learned anything, it's that taking your story back (even if it's nearly six years later) can really make a difference. Support is there even if you’ve moved years away from a date that you were hurt. The truth is, the darkest times move with us, as much as we want to move on from them. It’s not that simple.

As a survivor, I encourage survivors to be loud— to share their stories.

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